Home Roof Design


Once, all roofs were built with tile and corrugated iron was the only other choice, but it was seen as the cheap alternative. Even though it lasted well, was easy to transport and erect and offered a strong and durable roof, it was still mostly used for sheds or homes in the outback or rural areas. There was no colour choice in those days as metallic silver was the only available colour.

Then Colorbond roofing was invented, adding a whole other dimension to the building industry. Here are 4 reasons why so many people choose to build their homes with a Colorbond roof.

  1. Its physical attributes. It is light yet durable and made for Australian conditions. These include bushfires. Colorbond is idea for roofs in bushfire prone areas as the smooth shape prevents windborne embers from sticking. It is easy to maintain and the colours remain bright and vibrant over many years. It is quick and easy to install, thus saving building costs. And it has thermal properties that mean it helps to keep the home cooler.

  1. The great colour range allows your creativity to bloom. With colours that reflect the Australian landscape you can mix and match to your heart’s content, or choose just one colour overall so that it complements the other colours in your home. Many people love the look of a lighter roof colour enclosed by a darker colour for the guttering. This defines the shape of the roof like a frame does with the picture it surrounds, setting off the colours so that they are more vibrant. You can even choose a colour to reflect some aspect of the environment around your home.
  2. It is environmentally friendly. Steel is completely recyclable with no degradation in quality for the recycled products. It reduces your carbon footprint by keeping the house cooler so you don’t need to run air-conditioning as much. In addition, the Activate technology now used to make Colorbond means that it lasts longer and uses fewer metal resources, both environmentally sound practices.
  3. Ease of expansion. It is easier to add renovations such as a deck, patio or even another room with this type of roof. So you can expand your home as your needs change and enhance your lifestyle by creating outdoor spaces protected with a strong roof with good spanning abilities. This will add value to your home as well as creating an outdoor living area that everyone enjoys.
  4. You can take care of aging parents or provide extra space for adult children by adding a granny flat to the home – or a separate one in the backyard to match your home. It will always look good, be strong and add value to your home and property.