I had a number of reasons for putting this page on the net. One was that I wanted to share information about some of the good artists and works of art I have discovered with others who might not be familiar with them.

For that reason I have placed more emphasis on some of the lesser-known artists (and as a matter of justice to publicize what should be more widely recognized but isn’t).

Another is that in my discussions of artistic matters on the net it is often difficult for me to refer to a particular painting, sculpture, or song and be well-understood because those with whom I am communicating may not know what particular works I am talking about. It is for this reason as much as anything that I included a Rogue’s Gallery of Bad Art as well as a collection of Nazi and Soviet Art along with the rest.

As time goes on I will be adding more critiques, commentary, biographical information and more images of artworks and digitized recordings of music.

I expect this to be a long process and I’ll probably never be truly finished with this little corner of the web, so keep on checking here for new stuff from time to time.