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How to Choose Plants for Your Landscape Design

Once you’ve settled in your new home, you can give some thought to the landscape design you prefer. It will suit your lifestyle and needs and can be as straightforward or as complex as you like and have room for. You’ll need plants in any design, so how do you choose them? Here are some tips from professional landscapers:

  • While there are many beautiful plants, you won’t be able to fit them all in. If you try with just one of everything, your garden area will most likely look somewhat hodge-podge, with no cohesion to tie it all together.
  • If you work in a small area, your choice may be even more limited. One way to choose plants is to ensure they can do more than one function. For instance, an espaliered apple tree can provide privacy, cover an unsightly wall or fence, and give you fruit. A tree or shrub can have exciting bark, give vertical interest, provide shade, and also delight you with perfumed flowers in season. If the leaves have a pretty autumn colour or if it has berries on it throughout winter, so much the better.
Garden Design

5 Reasons Why Glass Will Transform Your Landscape Design

Glass is an extremely versatile substance which is used for millions of different things throughout the world. If you’re looking for an exciting substance that you can experiment with in your backyard, then consider including something like glass pool fencing or other glass features in your landscape design blueprint.

According to Clear Az Glass Fencing, when used right – for pool fencing or for something else – glass can transform your landscape design, changing an otherwise mediocre backyard into something that’s truly special. In this article I’m going to look at some of the top reasons why glass will transform your landscape design. These include:

  1. Glass Looks Great

Glass is an extremely attractive building material, especially when it’s well maintained and cleaned regularly. Using glass for something like a new landscape project of a pool fence or a water feature will give your garden a stylish, upmarket look. There are very few other materials that offer the same aesthetic appeal as glass with the same amount of (low) effort.

  1. Glass Will Give Your Garden A Modern Look

Glass is sometimes seen as something of a symbol of the modern gardening movement. Gone are the days when people planted things where they pleased, and where an unstructured garden was seen as attractive in its own way. A structured landscape design that incorporates glass elements will be seen as modern and stylish by your friends and family.

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Rose Garden Design

You gave your partner a dozen roses last year. Think big this year and present her with her very own garden of roses! How about a dozen rose bushes? There is nothing like the fragrance and look of a beautiful rose. By planting rose bushes their fragrance and beauty can be enjoyed every day.

If you want a bit of sophistication and perhaps a touch of romance, plant some roses in your garden. While red roses carry a romantic air about them, there are some other glorious colours available.

The Rose Garden Look

Professional landscape designers in Sydney, Space Landscape Designs think that roses add an aesthetic visual to your garden. Fitting the roses into your garden landscape is a way to add that missing element.

When designing your rose garden, it’s simply a matter of deciding on where you want them and the look you want to achieve. Some rose plants require special care, so be aware of incorporating the right irrigation systems to ensure correct watering and care for them.

The Simplicity of a Rose garden

Renovation News advise that roses are one of the easiest plants to take care of, but you still need a landscaping maintenance plan to protect your investment. All plants are susceptible to disease and roses are no different. Your garden maintenance means inspecting the soil quality at times, and ensuring your rose plants are healthy. Roses need trimming as well to get rid of unnecessary growth.

Somebody once wrote that a single rose can be my garden. But you can have a whole rose garden of your own.

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Landscape Design Ideas for Tricky Terrain

Not every property you buy is going to have a backyard that’s as flat as a pancake. It might be the easiest to incorporate into a landscape design, but it’s often not the reality for everyone.

If you have a particularly tricky section due to lumps, bumps, and slopes, then you might strike trouble. How are you supposed to create an outdoor paradise when you can’t walk without tripping? Here are a few landscape design tips and ideas to help you on your way.

  1. Consult an Expert

If you’re looking at your new backyard, scratching your head, then that’s a sure sign it’s time to call in a landscaping expert. If you haven’t yet figured out how to deal with the tricky terrain, then it’s likely you never will.

Instead, you may spend a lot of money on “might work” solutions. A landscaper can come to your house, discuss what you want and don’t want, then draw up a plan. You’ll have your dream backyard paradise in no time.

  1. Build Walls

An excellent way to deal with elevation in your yard is by building walls. Retaining walls don’t have to look bland and dull, and they can create endless planting opportunities that work well with your landscape.

Broken-style concrete pavers, for example, offer plants the opportunity to grow into every nook and cranny, creating a plant wall that manages that elevation beautifully. Walls are some of the most popular landscape design ideas for tricky terrain.

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Landscape Design For Small Gardens

A small outdoor space doesn’t mean that you cannot have the garden of your dreams. Circumstances mean that some people have no option but to live in a small home with a small garden, for others, it is their preference. Whichever the reason Principal Landscapes advise that you can build a perfect garden if you customise the landscape design according to the space available.

Although smaller, it does not mean that you cannot use as much imagination to create your landscape design as you would if you had an enormous garden. The space might be limited, but your ideas need not be. To make sure your garden is utilised to the maximum, consider some of the suggestions we have made below.

Get creative with the shape of the garden because it’s a primary factor in determining the overall look of it. You can choose whatever pattern you like and what suits best according to the location and the available space.

Don’t settle for a conventional rectangular shaped lawn. Think outside the box and try a circular, oval, or even a square shape. Trim your plants and the edges of your lawn to convert it into the desired shape, to add some multi level dimensions consider garden pots from

Is your home the first choice of your family and friends for outdoor gatherings? If yes, then opt for smart furniture choices to maximise the potential of your little garden. Invest in folding chairs, extendable patio tables, or choose bench seating that will take less space than single seats.

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Why You Should Invest Time and Money in Landscape Design

It can be hard to decide whether or not to invest time and money into your landscape design. On the one hand, it can significantly improve your property’s appearance. But on the other, it can cost money.

If you’re on the fence about whether to enlist the help of a landscaping expert, dabble in some DIY, or touch your yard at all, then read on. Here is why you should spend that money and take that time. It can all pay off in the end.

Improve Your Property’s Value

You may not think it, but it’s not just that new kitchen or bathroom that adds value to your home. It’s the new water feature in the yard, the freshly-painted fence, and neatly manicured lawns as well. When prospective purchasers wander through your home, they are viewing both the inside and outside. Landscape design can be worth the investment if it means you’re going to get more profit at the end of the sale.

It Looks Amazing

If you don’t think you’ve got a single creative bone in your body, then it’s worth considering a landscape design expert. While you may not be able to achieve a standout finish, a pro with years of experience can. All you need to do is outline your expectations, budget, and anything you must have, then let the landscaper put together a plan. Once they’ve brought that plan to life, it will look incredible.

It’s Good For Your Health

There’s a reason why hospitals have gardens, plants in medical wards, and gift stores with bouquets. Many studies prove the power of plant life. Those who grow up in ‘green’ areas report lower stress levels, and the simple addition of a water feature, some small plants and shade sails in your yard can make you feel more in control and less hassled about life.

You’re bound to notice the difference in how you feel once your yard goes from being a barren wasteland to a peaceful green paradise.

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Delightful Garden Design Features That are Easy to Install

Even the most ordinary garden can be easily jazzed up by using some kind of garden feature to enhance it. If you are on a budget, don’t worry because they don’t all require a landscaping specialist or a builder to install them. Many are simple weekend DIY projects that anyone can attempt successfully with a little preparation.

  • The garden arch – an old fashioned favourite that will remind you of country cottages and never fails to add charm wherever it is placed. Most arches seem to be used over a gate, but don’t be limited by that. Your arch can go over a pathway, at the back door, or even become a feature in the middle of the garden with a bird bath under it. Choose a solid one, not the el-cheapo that will rust out or rot in a few years. Grow your favourite climber over it – roses are popular – but make sure you choose one that won’t grow out of control or be too heavy for the arch. An arch can be a simple metal structure or you could have a larger, wider timber one that is strong enough for a grape vine or another heavy climber.