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What To Do If You Want To Get Rid Of Excess Office Furniture When You Relocate

When people move home they use it as an opportunity to get rid of a load of household junk they no longer need, including furniture. For some strange reason, when businesses relocate, they fail to take the same opportunity to declutter. Now, other than being under instruction from a financial advisor or accountant to keep all assets regardless of their condition, if you have an imminent office relocation then take the chance to get rid of old, damaged, or unwanted office furniture.

If you are thinking, “I would love to, but how?”, then keep reading because we are going to highlight some ways that will help you get rid of any office furniture that is surplus to requirements.

Carry Out An Office Furniture Audit

The first step in determining what office furniture is unwanted is to carry out an audit to determine what you have. This should be done in connection with you planning what furniture you will need in your new office. For your current furniture, mark, it based on its status so that could be, ‘Keeping’, ‘Damaged’, ‘Surplus’ and so on. By doing this, you can then decide what you wish to do which each item, and you will also know what new furniture you need to order.

Plan How And When The Furniture Is Going To Be Removed

You need to plan for the removal of your excess furniture whether it has going to be sold, donated, or disposed of. The reason for that is that some of it might be needed up to the day of your move so do not agree to its removal until then unless you want your staff being left with nothing to sit on and no desks. Coordinate the removal with your removalists from Brilliance Removalists who should be willing to help.

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10 Essentials for Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you are sick and tired of always being indoors, creating an outdoor kitchen may be just what you and your family need.  That way you can all enjoy time outdoors whenever the weather is balmy and there is no need to head back inside to cook the evening meal.  While a handyman can easily make the deck for the kitchen, you’ll need a qualified electrician to install the lights and connect any electric appliances you need.

Here are some of the essentials you’ll need for an outdoor kitchen.

  1. Storage – this needs to be sealed so that rodents and insects can’t get in. Make sure doors on the cupboards shut tightly. A mobile kitchen island is ideal for an outdoor kitchen as it provides both storage and a bench to work on – and you can move it around as needed.
  2. A spare set of cutlery and crockery so you don’t have to bring it out from inside all the time. It doesn’t have to be expensive; even plastic will do.
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Furniture Design: What Is Boat Wood Furniture

When designing your outdoor haven it’s good to have some idea of the kind of material you want your outdoor furniture to be made from. While there are many different kinds and styles available in the furniture store, not all may be suitable for your location, or for your comfort level. For instance, you may want to use your outdoor space just occasionally due to living in a cold climate. In this case it might be more budget friendly to purchase alfresco furniture that can double as indoor furniture during the colder weather.

If you are into recycling, you may be interested in boat wood furniture. Generally speaking, boat wood is timber recycled and reclaimed from boats, both locally and overseas. You can be sure that such wood is suitable for outdoor use, since it survived many years as a boat. It’s not only a strong and viable option, but offers an interesting conversation with guests while speculating on where exactly it came from and who owned it when it was a boat.