10 Essentials for Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you are sick and tired of always being indoors, creating an outdoor kitchen may be just what you and your family need.  That way you can all enjoy time outdoors whenever the weather is balmy and there is no need to head back inside to cook the evening meal.  While a handyman can easily make the deck for the kitchen, you’ll need a qualified electrician to install the lights and connect any electric appliances you need.

Here are some of the essentials you’ll need for an outdoor kitchen.

  1. Storage – this needs to be sealed so that rodents and insects can’t get in. Make sure doors on the cupboards shut tightly. A mobile kitchen island is ideal for an outdoor kitchen as it provides both storage and a bench to work on – and you can move it around as needed.
  2. A spare set of cutlery and crockery so you don’t have to bring it out from inside all the time. It doesn’t have to be expensive; even plastic will do.
  3. A sink and draining board – the plumber will need to install this, but it certainly saves carting dirty dishes inside at the end of the meal.
  4. A preparation area – this can be the top of your storage cupboard or a separate bench, depending on the amount of room you have.
  5. Something to cook with – a barbeque, fireplace, wall oven or stove. You can install the wall oven, but an electrician will be needed to connect it to the mains.
  6. Additional small kitchen appliances such as a kettle, toaster and other things you use for food preparation. Don’t forget the power points to plug them in.
  7. Lighting and more lighting. If you don’t have walls, light is not reflected off them, so you’ll need more lighting than you may think. Lights over the sink and prep areas and over the table should be good. Add a hand rail and some more lighting near the steps to the outside if you have any. That way active kids won’t fall down them.
  8. A small refrigerator – a bar fridge is usually big enough, unless you like entertaining friends, then a larger one would be better.
  9. Table and chairs – an extension table is great for entertaining or kids birthday parties.
  10. Easy chairs or sofa for relaxing afterwards

One great advantage of having an outdoor kitchen is that you can have parties without the house getting trashed, especially birthday parties for small children. Kids love being outdoors and they can run around the yard and play without missing out on any of the action, such as when food and drinks are served. Another is that you can more easily watch the children in the pool while preparing the evening meal.