Furniture Design: What Is Boat Wood Furniture

When designing your outdoor haven it’s good to have some idea of the kind of material you want your outdoor furniture to be made from. While there are many different kinds and styles available in the furniture store, not all may be suitable for your location, or for your comfort level. For instance, you may want to use your outdoor space just occasionally due to living in a cold climate. In this case it might be more budget friendly to purchase alfresco furniture that can double as indoor furniture during the colder weather.

If you are into recycling, you may be interested in boat wood furniture. Generally speaking, boat wood is timber recycled and reclaimed from boats, both locally and overseas. You can be sure that such wood is suitable for outdoor use, since it survived many years as a boat. It’s not only a strong and viable option, but offers an interesting conversation with guests while speculating on where exactly it came from and who owned it when it was a boat.

When boat wood is used for making furniture it is dressed and finished just like new timber would be. But it is made even more attractive by the marks on it from its previous life.  Using it for outdoors is ideal because it has already proven its worth in a wet environment so you won’t have to worry about the rain bucketing down on it. If it didn’t rot in the ocean, it is not likely to rot in your garden either.

Unlike wicker furniture boat wood is not light. It is a hardwood, which means it’s heavy. If you want to be able to move your furniture around easily, another choice would be better. Being heavy, boat wood will not only withstand wet weather; it is unlikely to blow over in the wind. This too, will be an advantage, as it will save you having to constantly pick up chairs that have blown over.

A lot of boat wood is sourced from places like Indonesia. Many small fishing boats take a beating out in the ocean and may break up if thrown onto rocks by a storm. While the timber is no longer large enough for a boat, the undamaged parts can be used to create furniture like chairs and tables that can be made out of much smaller pieces. Recycling timber in this way saves a lot of the earth’s resources while offering an incentive for the previous owners to salvage it for resale.

It also gives people the chance to help others while getting something that is strong and beautiful for their own use. That is why boat wood furniture has become so popular today.