Delightful Garden Design Features That are Easy to Install

Even the most ordinary garden can be easily jazzed up by using some kind of garden feature to enhance it. If you are on a budget, don’t worry because they don’t all require a landscaping specialist or a builder to install them. Many are simple weekend DIY projects that anyone can attempt successfully with a little preparation.

  • The garden arch – an old fashioned favourite that will remind you of country cottages and never fails to add charm wherever it is placed. Most arches seem to be used over a gate, but don’t be limited by that. Your arch can go over a pathway, at the back door, or even become a feature in the middle of the garden with a bird bath under it. Choose a solid one, not the el-cheapo that will rust out or rot in a few years. Grow your favourite climber over it – roses are popular – but make sure you choose one that won’t grow out of control or be too heavy for the arch. An arch can be a simple metal structure or you could have a larger, wider timber one that is strong enough for a grape vine or another heavy climber.

  • The folly – this is a charming addition to the lawn or garden. It is mostly composed of a gate between two gateposts, but it is not in a fence, hence the name, folly. You can add a panel of fence such as a timber rail that slopes from the top of the gatepost down to the ground for a more rustic effect. Grow a rambling rose or even a cucumber or pumpkin vine over it. It looks wonderful in the centre of the lawn and you can even add a bird bath nearby.
  • If your block is larger, a meandering gravel or stepping stone pathway lined with compact, low hedging bushes is a delight to follow. The children will enjoy playing hide and seek in and around it, and it can lead to a feature such as a water-filled urn, an especially attractive shrub or tree with bench seat under it.
  • Attached a white painted lattice with wider squares, to your patio or back deck. Grow pale pink climbing roses on it for an enchanting look. Of course, you could be bolder and paint the lattice black, then add something like yellow or red roses for a riot of colour.
  • Create a hidden place with hedges, shrubs, a shady tree, not too tall and bench seating. Add a small table to hold your coffee and you’ll find many excuses to sit out in the garden and relax. Add wind chimes, an urn or some pretty pot plants – and a gnome or two for fun.