Landscape Design For Small Gardens

A small outdoor space doesn’t mean that you cannot have the garden of your dreams. Circumstances mean that some people have no option but to live in a small home with a small garden, for others, it is their preference. Whichever the reason Principal Landscapes advise that you can build a perfect garden if you customise the landscape design according to the space available.

Although smaller, it does not mean that you cannot use as much imagination to create your landscape design as you would if you had an enormous garden. The space might be limited, but your ideas need not be. To make sure your garden is utilised to the maximum, consider some of the suggestions we have made below.

Get creative with the shape of the garden because it’s a primary factor in determining the overall look of it. You can choose whatever pattern you like and what suits best according to the location and the available space.

Don’t settle for a conventional rectangular shaped lawn. Think outside the box and try a circular, oval, or even a square shape. Trim your plants and the edges of your lawn to convert it into the desired shape, to add some multi level dimensions consider garden pots from

Is your home the first choice of your family and friends for outdoor gatherings? If yes, then opt for smart furniture choices to maximise the potential of your little garden. Invest in folding chairs, extendable patio tables, or choose bench seating that will take less space than single seats.

The colour, style and pattern of paving stones is a decisive factor in the overall appearance of your garden. A landscape design for smaller spaces includes light coloured paving because using all darker shades will not go well with green plants and can make the area appear even smaller. The ideal choice would be to go for a blend of light and dark colour.

Research to find plants that are smaller, and which do not grow to large sizes.  Another suggestion is to use columnar trees or dwarf species of different plants to give your garden a perfect green outlook without taking too much space.

Do not clutter your garden with too many plants, shrubs, and flowers. Instead, a landscape design for a small garden will focus on growing the garden in a vertical direction. You can choose stacked crates, wall-mounted plants, small hanging baskets or railing planters. This will enable you to add a lot of greens to the garden despite the limited space..

Adding multiple levels can make your garden look bigger and provides a pleasing aesthetic feature at the same time. You can choose the lower level as the patio area, and the upper levels can be utilised as a lawn. Terraced landscaping can also create extra space for plants, and the lower level walls can be used as bench seating.

Ornaments and water features can add a lot of class to your landscape design, but they do take up space. If you wish to include them, choose intelligently by selecting suitable sizes and try to locate them logically so that they do not appear to clutter the small space.

Finally, do not use large boundary fences, assuming your neighbours are okay with that. This will make your garden look much bigger because the viewers cannot distinguish the boundaries of your garden and any greenery either side will appear as if it’s the same garden.