Ever since I started my art gallery site I have been flooded with E-mail from those who have visited it. Some were artists, others were art teachers, some were just people who like looking at good art and others were doing research or seeking information or advice. A great many felt alone in their interests, but I knew they weren’t because of the volume of mail I was receiving and I arrived at the conclusion that everyone would benefit if there were some way we could all communicate with one another and that a mailing list would be a good way of accomplishing that. Now it is here and you can join up and participate in the fun.


  • To discuss specific works of art, good and bad including drawing, painting, sculpture, music, literature, drama, and dance
  • To discuss aesthetic theory
  • To discuss specific techniques in the arts
  • To discuss the “Old Masters” who developed and used these techniques
  • To discuss the “New Masters” who use them too and improve them
  • To introduce and organize teachers, artists, dealers, and collectors for mutual benefit
  • To promote other good art organizations such as the Classical Realism Society, ART , and The Art Renewal Center
  • To facilitate announcement and discussion of Internet-related art resources

The GoodArt list is closely affiliated with the Art Renewal Center, which offers an excellent and large gallery of online artworks, a large collection of articles, and sponsors a variety of painting contests, artist scholarships, and other activities. If you want to interact with the members and management of ARC, please join in the discussion!

Who May Join:

Anyone may join, though the list administrator reserves the right to expel anyone for any reason at any time. We especially invite artists, art students, art teachers, collectors, and dealers to participate.


Polite debate and disagreement are welcome, but posters are *strongly* encouraged to maintain a high level of professionalism. Failure to do so will result in the offenders being removed from the list. Discussions on the GoodArt list are public and are available automatically on the Yahoo discussion site and may be published elsewhere including on this site and the Art Renewal Center site. If you don’t want your words to be public in those kinds of ways then you should not post to the list.The GoodArt list is not anonymous and all members are required to disclose their real names. Providing false identity information or refusing to provide it is grounds for removal from the list. If you have any questions or concerns along these lines please contact


Subscription is free.

How to Subscribe:

Send an email to goodart-subscribe@yahoogroups.comYou will receive a reply confirming your subscription. Just reply to the confirmation message and your subscription will be complete.

How to Post Messages:

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How to Unsubscribe:

Send the message to

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