A Flooring Choice for Inside and Out

Most homeowners and builders would agree that the floor is one part of the home that deserves a full budget. If you need to cut back on spending, don’t do it on the floor. The reason for this is that without a floor the home is useless. In addition, some part of the floor is always in use so it needs to be strong. Natural materials such as limestone blocks can be used for the floor, for cladding and for the entertainment area outsidefeature wallStone cladding is also used for feature walls inside the home or outside, depending on the style and design of the home. Having a feature wall can make your home look truly amazing as well as unique. If you’ve never considered using it in this way, take a look at some home designs where it is included and you will see what a difference it makes to the look of the home. It can take the home from ordinary to spectacular.

Stone is a natural product that has been used for centuries to create homes and many larger edifices. Most are still standing even after some hundreds of years, proving it is a strong material that resists wear and tear to a great extent. These days the cutting tools used for stone are far superior than in the old days, ensuring limestone blocks or pavers look better. They can be smooth or rough, depending on what you are going to use them for.

When used for cladding, it will last almost indefinitely, unless an earthquake hits. Then it might tumble down along with the rest of your home.

Used for the floor, stone can be expected to last the lifetime of the home or longer. Some types of stone need to be sealed because they are porous. Leaving them unsealed will affect the look of them as water will bring salts to the surface that may look like a stain. Always ask the company what you need to do with the stone you have purchased to ensure it lasts well and is sealed. They may offer this service.

When it comes to pavers, there is a difference between natural stone and reconstituted stone. With the latter, cement is added to crumbled limestone, making it even stronger and tougher while still being appealing visually. This can be used for paths, paving and coping around swimming pools, driveways and outdoor entertainment areas. It can also be used indoors.

Using limestone in this way enables all those cracked blocks or bits that break off the edges to be used up so there is no waste and a good product can be produced at an affordable price.  Using stone to build your home not only makes it stronger, but more beautiful.