Contemporary Kitchen Design

If you are one of those people who consider the terms modern and contemporary to be interchangeable you might get into difficulties when it comes to kitchen design according to the kitchen professionals.  While many kitchens have elements of the two merging happily, contemporary kitchens can easily be identified by certain specific elements.

According to, to confuse you even further, a contemporary kitchen is more modern than a ‘modern’ kitchen because it incorporates all the latest trends. Here is a list of elements you can expect to find in a contemporary kitchen.

  1. A mix of different textures, colours and shapes all blended in together. For instance, you might see turquoise countertops and splashback with warm, wood grain floor and cupboards.
  2. A splashback that is quite different from the surrounding walls in colour and texture.

  1. Drawer and cupboard handles that are both horizontal and vertical.
  2. All the most modern and high-tech kitchen appliances, including pop-up power outlets in the bench top.
  3. Highly decorative lighting that contrasts with other elements. For instance, round globes to offset the square and rectangular shapes of other elements.
  4. Unusual tiles that contrast with the rest of the kitchen to create a feature wall.
  5. Under cabinet lighting so there are no dark spaces to work in.
  6. New and improved storage solutions, of which there are many.
  7. An eclectic mix of shape, scale, pattern and texture.
  8. Lots of ornamentation; the kitchen looks pretty as well as functional.
  9. Colour is added in chair fabric, curtains and even things like the oven holder.
  10. Cookbooks can have a highly visible bookshelf of their own, rather than being stuffed away out of sight in the drawer.

In addition, contemporary design continually pushes the boundaries of what is familiar. It can use old elements in a new way. For instance, concrete is an ‘old’ element, but using it coloured and polished for bench tops is quite innovative and new.

Stools lined up by the kitchen bench top are not new, but having them brightly coloured to reflect a similar ornament on the cupboards is more contemporary. Having chairs – an old element – covered with toning or contrast patterned fabric is even more innovative.  All these kinds of design ideas and more converge to create a contemporary kitchen.

When you choose contemporary for your kitchen design there is more chance to express your own creativity and end up with a kitchen that is truly unique. But don’t forget you can mix and match both modern and contemporary kitchen style elements and end up with a very pleasing result. You can also effectively contrast your kitchen style with the architectural style of the home. Professional kitchen designers can offer many more tips and hints on designing your special kitchen space.