How to Keep Your Mirrors and Glass Safe When Moving

Mirrors and glass are two very fragile items that can easily break in a move if not packed properly. Even if they are only chipped this can render them unsafe to use as well as being unsightly. For instance, a chip on the edge of a glass table top would be highly visible and could cause a cut on a child’s hand if it was kept in use. So here are some tips from the removalist to keep your glass and mirrors safe on moving day.

  • Use wide packaging tape to make large Xs on the back and front of the glass item or mirror. If the glass is dropped, this can help stop it from shattering and potentially save the frame if it does break.
  • The corners are most likely to take the knocks, so buy corner protectors or make them from thick cardboard. Tape them in place before wrapping the item in bubble wrap.

  • While it is said that glass or mirrors should never be stored lying flat, it can be done safely if you place a doona under and over it. For instance, if you have a camphorwood chest or a moving box made of something stronger than cardboard, you would fill it will blankets, then when say, three quarters full place the mirror on top and cover it up with a folded doona. Tuck the edges of the doona around the mirror so it cannot slide to either side, or else pad the sides with sheets or blankets. Once the top of the box is nailed on the mirror will be quite safe.
  • Otherwise, make sure the item is covered in bubble wrap or wrapped firmly in a blanket or mattress protector that is tied on. Then it can be packed on its side in the truck, preferable between two mattresses and with more padding under it. It should never have anything heavy resting on top of it, no matter if it is on its side or laying flat.
  • Mirrors and glassware should be labelled with Fragile, Breakable and Glassware on both sides.
  • Styrofoam is also an excellent packing medium for mirrors or glass. It should be cut to about 2cm larger that the item, which is then enclosed between the two layers and taped into place before being wrapping in padding.
  • You can also purchase an expanding box made especially for glass or mirrors when moving. This would enable you to adjust the box to the exact size of the item.

It may seem like a lot of trouble to pack up your mirrors and the glass table top, but if you don’t do it properly the items can be easily ruined.