How to Know Your Diamond is a Fake 

Whether you’ve been gifted a piece of jewellery that you’re not sure of, or there are some inconsistencies with your engagement ring, you may be questioning your diamond’s authenticity. It can be easy to play off a fake diamond as a real one, causing some problems when you don’t buy from a reputable jeweller.

Buying from a high-quality, reputable jeweller such as, is one way to know your diamond is real. However, how are you supposed to know if your diamond is fake? There are several ways to go about it.

See a Jeweller

Whether you just want peace of mind or you have genuine concerns, seeing a jeweller can be the way to know if your diamond is fake. Jewellers have years of experience in the industry, so any engagement ring or jewellery piece is no match for their eagle eye. Within minutes, they will be able to tell you whether you’ve got an authentic diamond or one that’s disappointedly fake.

Use Fog

Did you know you can tell a diamond is fake just by using your breath? Hold your diamond in front of your mouth and breath onto it to try and fog it up. Just like you would do to a pane of glass or a mirror.

If the stone fogs up and stays like that for a few seconds, then there’s a high probability that it’s a fake. Condensation doesn’t stick to the surface of a real diamond, so it will rarely fog up.

Buy a Blacklight

This technique is not fool-proof, but it can give you a fair idea of what to expect from fake and real diamonds. The majority of authentic diamonds (but not all) will show off a blue fluorescence under a blacklight. However, if you don’t see blue, but rather a grey, yellow, or green colouring, the diamond is more likely to be fake than authentic.

Use a Glass of Water

If you don’t have a piece of jewellery or an engagement ring, but rather a loose diamond, then you can use the water test to check if it’s real. Fill a glass with water and drop the diamond into it. Authentic diamonds have quite a high density, which means they will sink in water. A fake diamond doesn’t, so it will float.

With a Magnifying Glass

You don’t have to be a diamond expert to use a magnifying glass and tell if your diamond is fake or not. Believe it or not, you can know within seconds with this tool. Put it up to the diamond and look at the stone with magnification. You should be able to see imperfections in the stone. Of course, flawless diamonds do exist, but they tend to be quite expensive or created in a lab.

If your stone has no flaws whatsoever, it’s more likely to be a fake stone than a flawless diamond. But, if you’re not sure, try out the other methods alongside the magnifying glass one.

It’s never a nice feeling when you buy a piece of jewellery or engagement ring and believe it might be fake. Rather than always wonder, why not find out for sure? Any of these methods above can give you all the information you need.