How To Use Social Media To Help You Design The Perfect Kitchen

If you were to consider kitchen design and social media, your first thought might not necessarily be that neither one of these has anything to do with the other, however, you would be wrong. Today there are not only numerous different social media platforms, but you can find information, advice, and ideas on just about any subject you can think of on social media, and that includes kitchen design.

If you approach it sensibly, social media can be a huge help to you regarding the design of your new kitchen. If you are still unsure as to how social media can help you, here are five ways it can, or rather, here are five ways you can search on social media for the help and advice you need on kitchen design.

Ask Friends, Family, And Followers For Their Recommendations

You may have already thought of this, but we’ll mention it anyway. By making a post or sending messages to the friends, family, and followers you have on the social media accounts you have, you can ask them to send you their recommendations. For those that live locally, this can be about kitchen companies they have used. From others, it can be recommendations in terms of layout, appliances, organisation tips like using pantry labels, cabinet doors, worktop types and so on.

Use Hashtags To Search

This will work on those social media platforms that use hashtags, such as Twitter and Instagram. The method is simple as you enter a search using a hashtag that is related to the specific aspects of kitchen design you want to research. Examples could include #kitchenworktops, #kitchendesigns, #kitchencabinets, and so on. Each result may not take you any further forward, but some will, and could give you some inspiration or a design feature you had not previously considered.

Search For Well-Known And Trusted Brands

This method works regardless of what your project relates to so in future remember it for searches relating to things that are nothing to do with kitchens. How it works is that you first make a list of all the top kitchen and kitchen design brands you can think of. You can also include interior design companies that design for every room in the house. Then you visit their social media pages and look through all their posts, images and other media for ideas and advice.

Create An Image Gallery

Some social media platforms are far more visual than others. For those that have a plethora of images, what you should do is download and save any images which grab your attention, or which contain something you might wish to include in your kitchen design. If you download a lot of images then within your image gallery create folders relating to the image content. For example, a folder for worktops, one for cabinets, one for appliances, etc.

Follow Accounts Relating To Kitchen Design

This final tip is where you may either still be looking for ideas, or may have narrowed down your options and are starting to focus on specific kitchen types, and possibly even local kitchen design companies. What you do here is you follow the social media accounts or pages of those people and companies which you have found to be useful thus far, or which you want to find out a bit more about. You may even take this a stage further and post questions on their pages.