New, Exciting Ways to Use Fonts

If you are looking for ways to expand your web design skills or portfolio, there are a few different things that you can do. The most accessible option that you have is something that every person with a computer has access to: fonts. With 3D printing and technological advancements, the amount of things that we can create with fonts has multiplied innumerably.

What can you do with fonts? The possibilities are endless and you can make some truly fantastic art. These are only the basics: you can build from here and create something that is uniquely your own.

City Skylines
Word clouds are pretty old school by now, even those that have been transformed into shapes. However, using font to highlight the city where you live, your company works, or where you want to be is a fantastic way to build up a client base.

Think about a town like Nashville. It has a distinctive skyline that you can find pretty much anywhere. The same goes for Philadelphia, New York, and LA. However, you won’t find a place like Wichita on any website. If you can find the niche, you can market yourself that way.

Think about all of the ways you can create artwork out of font. One of the best ways to do that is to use letters and words to create shading and shapes. Think about the painting Sunday in the Park with George, when you get close you can see individual dips of paint. It is only when you back away that you can see the shapes.

Do that with fonts of different styles and colors. It has been done before online, but using it in print material is a unique way to display products, people, or achievements.

Name Plates
When a company needs name plates or door signs, they typically reach out to sign companies. However, if you can create better quality signs that are unique in a world where things are typically cookie cutter, you will be able to find another market for yourself. Start small with something like name plates or directional signs and you will be able to work out from there.

More and more people are using font to create backgrounds for their designs. Whether you want to use the same letter repeatedly or you want to use larger letters to create whole sections of color it is a unique way to use fonts and get a message across. This one takes a gentle touch and requires some practice, but it can be amazingly beautiful and poignant.

Overall, some trends will work with some fonts and some with others. You have to be willing to experiment and use all of the technology open to you – and see what happens.