The Latest In Web Design Trends

Like most technological fields, web design is changing rapidly. Whether you are an enthusiast, you own a website, or you are a web designer yourself, it can be extremely useful to remain up-to-date on the latest web design trends. Seeing as yesterday’s trends become obsolete quickly, you want to make sure that you are right alongside the pack, if not ahead of the curve.

While mobile responsive trends are the top of everyone’s must-have lists, other trends are also becoming  fashionable and are being resurrected along the way. Staying on top of this, can easily result in added traffic, so it is important to take the time to absorb what is trending.

Animated GIF’s

Currently, one noticeable trend among fashionable websites is GIF’s. These are Videos that are smoothly looped over and over again. They have become especially popular on blogs and message boards alike. Adding a few to your own website would certainly be a trendy decision. Also, since most web pages are overly static, this is an easy way to spice up your site and give an appearance of action. Doing so, gives your visitors the impression that your website is the place to be, and it will certainly hold their attention.

Psychedelic Colour Palettes

One thing you can also try is experimenting with various composition styles. Many people are implementing eclectic collages within their website. This adds an overall more artistic feel that appeals more easily to urban audiences. It seems as though a psychedelic palette of colours offered on many a trendy website are in abundance. Websites are experimenting with modern looking, two tone type effects that add a vivid layer of depth. These stacked colours immediately command the viewer’s attention, and require a response of some kind.

A Return To Simplicity

In contrast to some of the more flamboyant trends taking place, there also seems to be a movement back toward simplicity. This has been seen to occur with typography specifically. Traditional, straightforward, to-the-point typography has been featured a lot lately. Many websites are disposing of some of the more elaborate navigational tools, and relying simply on down to earth text to inform their visitors. There is no doubt, that this trend is reducing some of the unnecessary clutter that overwhelms visitors to poorly designed websites.

As of lately, there has also been a trend toward implementing websites with graphically designed images, as well as traditional illustrations. These trends, are especially popular among coffeehouse websites that are going for a more raw and artistic vibe. All of these, of course, can be mixed and matched. Some more traditionally straitlaced businesses, for example, are benefiting from artistic illustrations being displayed on their web pages.