Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Renovation Expert

Early on in your bathroom renovation project, you may have realised that you need to hire an expert. You couldn’t possibly tackle everything on your own. But how do you hire a bathroom renovation expert? offer some tips that might help.

Decide on Bathroom Designers vs. Bathroom Contractors
Even though the two professions have ‘bathroom’ in their name, it doesn’t mean they do the same job. A bathroom contractor works from your plan, while a bathroom designer handles everything from start to finish.

The beauty of hiring the latter is that you don’t have to worry about managing any part of the project yourself. Once you choose your preferred design and materials, they can handle everything else.

Make Sure They Have the Appropriate Credentials
Bathroom renovations can require consents, insurance, and licencing. That’s why you can’t do the majority of bathroom alterations yourself. Ensure that the expert you hire has the appropriate experience level and qualifications for the job at hand.

Pay attention to any licencing they have – if licencing is required in your state. Make sure they have insurance and even ask for references. Otherwise, you can search for their business online to see if they have any social media or Google reviews you can check out.

Determine a Timeframe
Given that your bathroom is one room in your house you can’t do without for an extended period, find out how long it will take for your chosen contractor or bathroom designer to complete the job.

The last thing you want is for them to rip out your toilet and shower, only to be waiting weeks – or even months – for them to return and finish the job.

Get the Costs in Writing
Most people understand the importance of having a budget to renovate their bathroom. Going above your budget can mean you risk overcapitalizing or spending more than you have to spare. Before you sign any agreements, get the cost estimates in writing.

This document should have all renovation work in great detail – down to the itemised labour and material costs. Do not settle on a verbal agreement. This can work against you in a dispute.

Read Through the Fine Print
Before signing any documents, make sure you read through them thoroughly. These documents can outline the schedular payments and other important information. As a general rule, you shouldn’t be required to pay any more than a third of the bathroom renovation’s cost until the job is complete.

Talk to Friends and Family
Hiring a bathroom renovation expert can take a lot of homework and planning. You want someone who is competitively priced but also who will get the job done to a high standard. Talk to friends and family who have previously hired contractors or bathroom designers to work on their homes. If they are happy with their experience, they will be more than happy to recommend them.

Get More Than One Quote
It always pays to receive at least three quotes for a single job. You can then compare all the details of each quote to make sure they are the same.

It’s important to note that it’s not always in your best interests to opt for the cheapest quote. Consider choosing the one with everything you need and has been provided by a well-regarded, reputable company.

Once you have considered all of this information above, it’s time to get your bathroom renovation underway. There’s no time like the present to hire a bathroom renovation expert and give your bathroom a new lease on life.