5 Problems That Designer Teeth Veneers Will Eliminate

You are hopefully aware that your dentists are there for more than just pulling out rotten teeth and filling those that can be saved. In fact, they offer a whole range of services and use a number of different treatments and procedures depending on what their patient requires.

Obviously, a lot of their work will relate to oral health, but they also do cosmetic dentistry too, which is the means by which teeth and gums are made to look better. This kind of work can range from whitening teeth to fitting dental implants, and there are even dentists who will etch tattoos on your teeth if you ever want your smile to truly stand out from the crowd.

On a less extreme level than having your teeth tattooed, one of the treatments that your dentist might recommend for you is veneers. These are made from ceramic material, which in most cases is porcelain. They are applied to the surface of teeth and can be used to treat several different issues and eradicate a number of problems as you see from what follows.

#1 Gaps Between Teeth

One of the most common reasons why patients approach their dentist for cosmetic dentistry, and veneers in particular, is their having large gaps between their teeth and wanting those gaps to be gone. Apart from the self-conscious aspect of knowing the gap is visible when they smile, people with gaps can find it more difficult to clean their teeth effectively due to food getting stuck in those gaps.

#2 Uneven Teeth

Apart from possible difficulties from grinding teeth or increased pressure on a certain part of your jawbone, uneven teeth are also a cause for someone to want to change the appearance of their smile. Veneers made to specific sizes, once applied, can make your teeth appear to be uniform in size and shape.

#3 Discoloured Teeth

Discoloured and stained teeth are frequently the reason for a patient requesting cosmetic surgery. Options such as teeth whitening exist, but for a more permanent solution, veneers can be applied. They can make teeth look naturally white but bear in mind that will only be the case if you maintain high levels of oral hygiene and cleaning, once the veneers have been applied.

#4 Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

Even someone who looks after their teeth diligently can suffer from a cracked or chipped tooth, with the most likely cause being some kind of accident where something, or someone, bumps into their mouth. The cruel irony is that a tooth which is damaged or broken in this way will be all the more noticeable when someone who otherwise has perfect teeth, smiles.

The degree of damage will dictate whether or not veneers would be the most suitable treatment, and if so, they will hide the offending damage. For more serious damage, the dentist may recommend an alternative treatment such as a crown.

#5 Worn Teeth

Worn teeth is an issue which can occur for individuals who tend to grind or their teeth, or clench their jaw closed a lot. Normally it is the top row of teeth that suffers the most damage, and one or more of them may start to wear to the point of being noticeably flatter than other teeth.

Veneers are one way in which this damage can be hidden, and your smile returned to its full glory, however, even with veneers fitted you should still seek guidance from your dentist as to how you can stop grinding your teeth.