Commercial Building Design Options

Many commercial applications can be found for limestone blocks. These strong and durable blocks can be used for stairways, walls and paths outside a commercial or public building, enhancing the area so that customers are drawn to it. Stone cladding can also be used for the walls of such buildings, making them both beautiful and functional. A stone wall is not likely to wear out or crumble away, even in bad weather.

While weathering does occur with rock, it is most likely to be in the fine details, such as if a name was carved into the rock, or at the very corners of the building the edges may wear from sharp/ to rounded over many years.

Construction Ventures Guide advise that many commercial or public buildings are large structures, making them perfectly suitable for an internal feature wall of limestone. This can really improve the looks of the place and become a feature that people go to see, as well as to do whatever it is the building is for.  Libraries, art galleries, museums and many other public buildings are ideal for the installation of a limestone feature wall.

Many such buildings can be made almost completely with stone. Outside, stone can be used as a footpath, driveway, staircase and for walls dividing areas or going up each side of the staircase. It can be used for retaining walls for terracing and garden walls in the landscaping, enhancing the look of the garden or grounds of the building.

Limestone blocks can be of pure limestone cut straight from the quarry, or they can be reconstituted, using cement mixed with crushed limestone. The latter is more affordable while still being very pleasing to look at. It may also be even stronger than the stone in its original form.  You may be surprised what the look of limestone blocks will do for the aesthetics of the area.

The natural colour of limestone is off white through to a creamy or palest grey colour that can be enhanced by using a darker or cream coloured mortar. Reconstituted bricks or blocks have a pebbly textured effect that looks really attractive on boundary walls or drives.

Studies have shown that people are attracted to buildings where attention has been paid to aesthetics. No one wants to be in a building that is ugly, dirty or messy. Being in a clean, attractive environment makes everyone feel good. This is why many commercial buildings should be built using materials such as stone that are attractive.

In fact, even though the initial cost may be more, the owners stand to save a great deal on maintenance and repairs over the life of the building. They won’t need to paint it, stain it or take out some part that leaks to replace it.