Flooring Design: 4 Different Carpet Types

No one wants to become a slave to carpet cleaning so in order to make the best choice, it is essential for consumers to know all the ins and outs of the different types of carpet as far as their cleaning methods and soil resistance is concerned.  This will help them to make the right choice of carpet and carpet cleaner. There are 4 main types of carpet and they are: –

  1. Nylon
  2. Olefin
  3. Polyester and
  4. Wool

Each one of these products has good and bad points in their durability and resilience as well as their ability to resist soiling – or not, as the case may be.

  • Nylon is the most popular carpet choice due to its affordability and durability. It is also known to be the easiest type of carpet to clean and usually looks amazing afterwards. However, it does tend to stain more easily from the usual food and drink spills and is especially susceptible to acid spills such as from some soft drinks.  While it is fairly colourfast, chlorine bleach will remove the colours. For this reason it should not be used where pool water is likely to be tracked into it, or in bathrooms or the laundry.

  • This product is popular due to its affordability and water resistance. It is not so likely to be damaged by acid spills and is highly colourfast and resistant to chemical cleaners. However, it is attracted to oily soiling so is not the best choice for a room next to the garage or the main street. Because it has a wicking component, the oily soil tends to rise to the surface after cleaning, making it look dirty again. It also mats fairly quickly.
  • Polyester is also favoured in carpets because it is naturally stain resistant and not attracted to acid dyes found in soft drinks. It is semi-resistant to bleach, however it is attracted to oily soils in the same way that olefin is.  It also wicks more soil to the surface after cleaning and is not very resilient for high traffic areas.
  • Wool is popular, but its expense is something that many people avoid. However, it will last for many years if treated well. It also hides soil and is fire resistant. As far as cleaning goes, it is resistant to staining, but if a stain does set it can be very difficult to remove. Chlorine bleach will dissolve wool, so be sure you never use it if you have wool or wool blend carpets.  It should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals as these can really damage the wool fibres.  Wool is not always totally colourfast and can fade in the sun.

These clues will help you to choose the best type of carpet for your budget and lifestyle and ensure you don’t become a slave to carpet cleaning.