Flooring Design: Carpet Tips

Even though they are some of the most expensive, wool carpets are still popular due to their superior look and feel. In addition, they are ideal for anyone looking for organic and eco-friendly choices.  Wool is a natural substance that is renewable, making it a sound, environmentally friendly choice for your floor coverings. However, carpet cleaners like brilliance carpet cleaning will tell you that cleaning procedures need to be undertaken carefully.

Just like a wool jumper, care must be taken in cleaning it, not only because of it being wool, but in some cases due to the type of loop the carpet is made with.  So here are 7 tips to help you clean your wool carpet in a way that will not harm it. Its life will then be extended, giving you many years of beauty and the pleasure of soft but strong wool underfoot.

  • Just as you would never immerse a woollen jumper in hot water, you should never wash a wool carpet in it either. Hot water will cause it to shrink so much it will pull away from the wall, spoiling the look of it forever. Warm water is okay.
  • Whether in clothing or carpet, wool insulates well by creating small air pockets throughout. When you wash carpet, these air pockets tend to fill with water, making it very slow to dry out. It is important to not saturate the carpet, and to use fans and open windows to ensure it dries properly, otherwise it can go mouldy.
  • Do not use a bleach or colour brightener on a wool carpet; harsh chemicals and abrasives should also be avoided as all these things will harm the delicate wool fibres. Cleaners should have a PH of between 5 and 8.
  • Regular vacuuming is the best way to keep the carpet clean and even if you don’t clean it in any other way, will keep the carpet looking good for many years. It should be vacuumed weekly or twice weekly in high traffic areas.
  • You’ll be pleased to know that wool is resistant to stains, so if you attend to those spots and spills immediately, you’ll have a better chance of removing all of it.
  • That said, if a stain does set in the wool, it is very difficult to remove. Never use hot water to lift a spill or remove a stain. Use commercial cleaners for wool and follow the directions carefully. Make sure you dry the spot properly afterwards.
  • There are different types of wool carpet that are made differently and require special methods to clean them. Berber wool carpet should never be vacuumed with a beater brush as that will destroy the pile.  However, a frieze carpet pile does require a beater brush to get all the dirt out. So make sure you find out just how your wool carpet is made before you start cleaning it.