Home Pergola Design

When it comes to pergolas, Perth residents really enjoy all the benefits that the addition of this simple structure to their property brings. As opposed to Patios, Pergolas have no roof but a few beams that let in the rain and sun. They have no floor, but can stand on pavers or grass or be embedded into concrete. So how can they enhance your lifestyle?

  • You can have a pergola installed on the hot side of the house. With the addition of some climbing plants it will create living shade that makes the home much cooler.
  • It can be installed against a window and there will still be plenty of natural light come into the room.
  • A pergola can have shade cloth added to the roof or walls for added coolness without making a room very much darker.
  • It can be added on the sunny side to reduce the glare, something that people in southern areas of Australia find it difficult to contend with. Living vines are good at reducing glare and they won’t fall down on your roof during a bad storm like trees do.
  • The pergola is a great place to relax, surrounded by all those lovely plants that like a bit of protection from the sun and wind, but not too much.

  • You can use the pergola as an outdoor room, extending the floor space of your home and providing a place with just that little bit of protection you need from the hot sun.
  • You can add a shade blade roof for more protection. This is great for the front of the house if you have no porch to protect it.
  • It will improve the look of some contemporary homes that seem to be all flat planes and harsh angles.
  • You can have pergolas around two or even three sides of the home so it looks like a veranda, but is more open, letting light into all the windows.
  • The pergola can have a span of 8 metres without any support so you can enjoy the view without any interruption.
  • You can create a mini-climate with shade cloth or the shade blade roof to grow plants that would otherwise shrivel up in the hot sun. Ferns and violets are just two of the many beautiful plants that enjoy shady growing conditions.

Adding a pergola to your house or yard is an investment that costs little but offers much in the way of enjoyment and looks. It is a good way to change parts of your life or house that are inconvenient, such as hot weather and garden limitations. Even if you are not into gardening, a pergola is a good place to sit and relax, or for the children to play in protected from the hot sun.