Home Veranda Design

Many homes have a veranda or deck out the back or a porch on the front that rarely get used. This seems a shame because every homeowner would agree that they want more floor space in their home. Even a deck or veranda can only be used with the weather is not too hot, cold or rainy.  This can change by adding aluminium sliding windows to fully enclose it.

This will allow anyone to use the veranda no matter what the weather is like because you can add heating and cooling as well as lights.  The windows can be fitted with flyscreens, so when they are open flying insects cannot enter. You’ll be able to use the space for dining, relaxing, playing and hobbies with no worries about the weather spoiling anything left out there.

Windows can be fitted from ceiling to waist height or they can go right to the floor, depending on your preferences. The smaller windows allow more privacy, while the larger ones let in more sun and light. If the veranda is facing the sunny side, in the winter the sun will shine right in, warming the veranda and the home.

When the veranda is enclosed there is less need for cleaning. When it is open to the elements, dust leaves and pollen blow in. Insects such as wasps are likely to make their nests in or on anything that is left out on the veranda. Paper wasps are dangerous and will attack and leave a painful sting if they get annoyed.

Their nests are papery to the touch and built in a honeycomb shape. Hornets make nests of clay or mud packed with insects they have stung as a food supply for their young when they hatch. The stain left after you knock the nest off the wall is difficult to remove.

You can’t even have nice furniture on the veranda without insects or even mice becoming a pest and ruining everything. So by filling it all in, you can still have a nice cool place to sit by opening the windows right along that outside wall, but you don’t have to be worried about the damage pests and weather are doing to the walls or the furniture.

Aluminium sliding windows will add value to your home and enhance your lifestyle. They can also be added to the front porch to fill it in and create an extra play area for the children or even an office, for those who need one. Making use of floor space that is otherwise unable to be used makes a lot of sense and it doesn’t require too big an investment, especially when compared with the cost of adding an extension to the house.