Gifts for Bridesmaids

Planning a wedding can take weeks, months, or even years. But while it’s essential to plan every small detail down to the table arrangements, it’s equally important to think about gifts for your bridesmaids, like personalised pyjamas, for example.

A bride’s bridal party can play a significant role in how the day plays out. They take the lead on ensuring appointments are kept, items are picked up, and everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

It makes sense to want to thank them for their efforts – even with a small token of your appreciation. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve included a few of the most popular gifts for bridesmaids below.

Personalised Pyjamas

The gift of personalised pyjamas can be well-received by any bridesmaid. They come in handy for pre-wedding events, but they are also something the bridesmaid can use long after the wedding celebrations have stopped.

You can also have the bridesmaid’s full name, first name, or initials monogrammed onto them as another beautiful touch. What’s more, they are available in various styles and colours to suit your preferences.


If you’ve allowed plenty of room in your budget for bridesmaids’ gifts, you can’t go wrong with jewellery. A beautiful necklace or bracelet can be a lovely way to tell your bridal party just how much you appreciate them.

You can even go one step further and engrave them with some sweet words. “Valued bridesmaid 11.11.2011” or even their name can make for a memorable gift.

Dental Design

4 Ways Your Dentist Can Give Your Smile A Makeover

Whilst there are lots of reasons why anyone might visit their dentist, if you have an issue that in particular is affecting your smile, then that is certainly the medical professional you want to go and see. Long gone are the days where dentists were seen as the person who drilled your teeth and made you sloosh your mouth out with that pink liquid.

Today, dentists still drill teeth (Sorry, that is not likely to change), but they can also offer a range of services that go beyond just filling in cavities. They can literally change the architecture of someone’s mouth by repairing, reshaping, and replacing damaged, stained, or missing teeth.

So if your smile is not what it once was, or you have never been happy with your smile and want to upgrade it, then here are 4 ways your dentist can help you to achieve the smile you want.

Teeth Whitening

One of the biggest reasons that someone’s smile is not what it was is due to the discolouration of their teeth. Discolouration can be caused by many things, but the main ones tend to be ageing, smoking and poor oral hygiene in terms of not brushing teeth often enough.

The point is that often someone might have perfectly healthy teeth and gums, but no matter how healthy teeth are, they can still discolour. The answer, apart from obviously brushing them more often, is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can be done at home using customised kits, which are created from moulds of your teeth.


How to Know Your Diamond is a Fake 

Whether you’ve been gifted a piece of jewellery that you’re not sure of, or there are some inconsistencies with your engagement ring, you may be questioning your diamond’s authenticity. It can be easy to play off a fake diamond as a real one, causing some problems when you don’t buy from a reputable jeweller.

Buying from a high-quality, reputable jeweller such as, is one way to know your diamond is real. However, how are you supposed to know if your diamond is fake? There are several ways to go about it.

See a Jeweller

Whether you just want peace of mind or you have genuine concerns, seeing a jeweller can be the way to know if your diamond is fake. Jewellers have years of experience in the industry, so any engagement ring or jewellery piece is no match for their eagle eye. Within minutes, they will be able to tell you whether you’ve got an authentic diamond or one that’s disappointedly fake.

Use Fog

Did you know you can tell a diamond is fake just by using your breath? Hold your diamond in front of your mouth and breath onto it to try and fog it up. Just like you would do to a pane of glass or a mirror.

If the stone fogs up and stays like that for a few seconds, then there’s a high probability that it’s a fake. Condensation doesn’t stick to the surface of a real diamond, so it will rarely fog up.

House Design

5 Problems That Designer Teeth Veneers Will Eliminate

You are hopefully aware that your dentist is there for more than just pulling out rotten teeth and filling those that can be saved. In fact, they offer a whole range of services and use a number of different treatments and procedures depending on what their patient requires.

Obviously, a lot of their work will relate to oral health, but they also do cosmetic dentistry too, which is the means by which teeth and gums are made to look better. This kind of work can range from whitening teeth to fitting dental implants, and there are even dentists who will etch tattoos on your teeth if you ever want your smile to truly stand out from the crowd.

On a less extreme level than having your teeth tattooed, one of the treatments that your dentist might recommend for you is veneers. These are made from ceramic material, which in most cases is porcelain. They are applied to the surface of teeth and can be used to treat several different issues and eradicate a number of problems as you see from what follows.

#1 Gaps Between Teeth

One of the most common reasons why patients approach their dentist for cosmetic dentistry, and veneers in particular, is their having large gaps between their teeth and wanting those gaps to be gone. Apart from the self-conscious aspect of knowing the gap is visible when they smile, people with gaps can find it more difficult to clean their teeth effectively due to food getting stuck in those gaps.

Garden Design

Landscape Design For Small Gardens

A small outdoor space doesn’t mean that you cannot have the garden of your dreams. Circumstances mean that some people have no option but to live in a small home with a small garden, for others, it is their preference. Whichever the reason Principal Landscapes advise that you can build a perfect garden if you customise the landscape design according to the space available.

Although smaller, it does not mean that you cannot use as much imagination to create your landscape design as you would if you had an enormous garden. The space might be limited, but your ideas need not be. To make sure your garden is utilised to the maximum, consider some of the suggestions we have made below.

Get creative with the shape of the garden because it’s a primary factor in determining the overall look of it. You can choose whatever pattern you like and what suits best according to the location and the available space.

Don’t settle for a conventional rectangular shaped lawn. Think outside the box and try a circular, oval, or even a square shape. Trim your plants and the edges of your lawn to convert it into the desired shape, to add some multi level dimensions consider garden pots from

Is your home the first choice of your family and friends for outdoor gatherings? If yes, then opt for smart furniture choices to maximise the potential of your little garden. Invest in folding chairs, extendable patio tables, or choose bench seating that will take less space than single seats.


Tooth Tattoos And What They Add To Your Smile

If we told you that the next time you want a tattoo you should go and see your dentist, you might think we have gone mad. After all, it is a tattoo artist who creates tattoos, isn’t it? Well, they do if the tattoo is going to be located anywhere on your skin, but according to a Yokine dentist the latest in individualistic body decoration is to have a tattoo on your teeth, and the popularity of them is growing exponentially.

Let us say from the outset that the dental procedure for having a tooth tattoo is not the same as you will go through if you want your children’s names on each arm or your favourite rock group emblazoned across your back. In this respect, it is not the tattoo parlour that you need to make an appointment for, it is your dentist or at least a dentist who offers tooth tattoos as one of their services.

Tooth tattoos can be either temporary or permanent, and here again, the process for each of them is entirely different from the other. First, if you want a tattoo that is only going to last more than 24 hours, you can buy decals that you stick to the surface of your tooth. These might be fine for a one-off event such as a party, but as we said they last no more than a day.

Normal temporary tooth tattoos are those that last for up to 3 months, and the fact that they are not permanent makes them highly popular as those who have them know they can change whatever the artwork is.

This is where we should say that strictly speaking, we should not really call these, ‘tooth tattoos’, as they are actually created on crowns or veneers. Your dentist will first take an impression of your teeth, and then send that to a dental lab, that not only manufactures the crown, but which also has the skills to create the artwork for the tattoo.

Garden Design

Why You Should Invest Time and Money in Landscape Design

It can be hard to decide whether or not to invest time and money into your landscape design. On the one hand, it can significantly improve your property’s appearance. But on the other, it can cost money.

If you’re on the fence about whether to enlist the help of a landscaping expert, dabble in some DIY, or touch your yard at all, then read on. Here is why you should spend that money and take that time. It can all pay off in the end.

Improve Your Property’s Value

You may not think it, but it’s not just that new kitchen or bathroom that adds value to your home. It’s the new water feature in the yard, the freshly-painted fence, and neatly manicured lawns as well. When prospective purchasers wander through your home, they are viewing both the inside and outside. Landscape design can be worth the investment if it means you’re going to get more profit at the end of the sale.

It Looks Amazing

If you don’t think you’ve got a single creative bone in your body, then it’s worth considering a landscape design expert. While you may not be able to achieve a standout finish, a pro with years of experience can. All you need to do is outline your expectations, budget, and anything you must have, then let the landscaper put together a plan. Once they’ve brought that plan to life, it will look incredible.

It’s Good For Your Health

There’s a reason why hospitals have gardens, plants in medical wards, and gift stores with bouquets. Many studies prove the power of plant life. Those who grow up in ‘green’ areas report lower stress levels, and the simple addition of a water feature, some small plants and shade sails in your yard can make you feel more in control and less hassled about life.

You’re bound to notice the difference in how you feel once your yard goes from being a barren wasteland to a peaceful green paradise.

Garden Design

5 Reasons Why Glass Will Transform Your Landscape Design

Glass is an extremely versatile substance which is used for millions of different things throughout the world. If you’re looking for an exciting substance that you can experiment with in your backyard, then consider including something like glass pool fencing or other glass features in your landscape design blueprint.

According to Clear Az Glass Fencing, when used right – for pool fencing or for something else – glass can transform your landscape design, changing an otherwise mediocre backyard into something that’s truly special. In this article I’m going to look at some of the top reasons why glass will transform your landscape design. These include:

  1. Glass Looks Great

Glass is an extremely attractive building material, especially when it’s well maintained and cleaned regularly. Using glass for something like a new landscape project of a pool fence or a water feature will give your garden a stylish, upmarket look. There are very few other materials that offer the same aesthetic appeal as glass with the same amount of (low) effort.

  1. Glass Will Give Your Garden A Modern Look

Glass is sometimes seen as something of a symbol of the modern gardening movement. Gone are the days when people planted things where they pleased, and where an unstructured garden was seen as attractive in its own way. A structured landscape design that incorporates glass elements will be seen as modern and stylish by your friends and family.

Web Design

Web Design – 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A One Page WordPress Website

Web design is a continually evolving field which can be hard to keep up with at times. One of the latest big things in the web design space is one page websites. While a one-page design isn’t something that will suit everyone, it works extremely well for small businesses and other people who don’t have a lot of local content to display. It is also considered advantageous for SEO purposes because of the amount of good quality content you can add to your most important page ie: your home page.

It’s important to think carefully before committing to building a one page website. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a short list of our top 5 reasons why we think you should consider a one page WordPress website. They include:

  1. One page websites are perfect for mobile devices

Single page websites are very easy to browse on mobile devices. Your site visitors won’t have to load a new page every time they want to look at something new on your site, which should reduce your bounce rate and increase your visitor retention time. Single page websites are also well-adapted to the ‘scrolling’ nature of most mobile devices, which is making them more and more popular.

  1. One page websites are simple

Building a one page website is very easy, which means that they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to create. This is perfect for people like small business owners who don’t necessarily have a lot of money to spend on creating a website. In fact, most people would be able to build their own single page websites, even if they have no previous web design experience to speak of.

Garden Design

Landscape Design Ideas for Tricky Terrain

Not every property you buy is going to have a backyard that’s as flat as a pancake. It might be the easiest to incorporate into a landscape design, but it’s often not the reality for everyone.

If you have a particularly tricky section due to lumps, bumps, and slopes, then you might strike trouble. How are you supposed to create an outdoor paradise when you can’t walk without tripping? Here are a few landscape design tips and ideas to help you on your way.

  1. Consult an Expert

If you’re looking at your new backyard, scratching your head, then that’s a sure sign it’s time to call in a landscaping expert. If you haven’t yet figured out how to deal with the tricky terrain, then it’s likely you never will.

Instead, you may spend a lot of money on “might work” solutions. A landscaper can come to your house, discuss what you want and don’t want, then draw up a plan. You’ll have your dream backyard paradise in no time.

  1. Build Walls

An excellent way to deal with elevation in your yard is by building walls. Retaining walls don’t have to look bland and dull, and they can create endless planting opportunities that work well with your landscape.

Broken-style concrete pavers, for example, offer plants the opportunity to grow into every nook and cranny, creating a plant wall that manages that elevation beautifully. Walls are some of the most popular landscape design ideas for tricky terrain.


Benefits of Dental Design Procedures

When you see the price tag of some dentist offerings, you may wonder why people choose to make twice-yearly appointments. However, once you know what’s involved in any cosmetic dentistry procedure, and how a dentist can virtually design the perfect smile, you’ll realise it’s not out of the question at all.

There are many benefits associated with cosmetic dentistry, and before long, you’ll be making an appointment of your own.

Feel More Confident to Smile

Dentist Bassendean say that an alarming number of people choose to look miserable in photos because they aren’t happy with their teeth. Some people would prefer to show a close-mouthed, neutral look, even at the most joyous time of their life, because their teeth make them feel self-conscious. A dentist can design a new smile, meaning you’ll be more confident to show your teeth and grin – both in photos and during happy occasions.

Teeth whitening can offer that gleaming, sparkly look you see on models on TV. Caps and veneers, on the other hand, are ideal for closing gaps, removing chips, and taking care of permanent staining.

Improve Your Work Prospects

Nearly a third of Americans involved in a study said they observed a person’s teeth the first time they met them. They would then go on to remember them after the meeting was over. Healthy teeth leave a lasting impression – especially for future bosses and hiring managers.

If you are about to apply for a new job, and your teeth are not how you would prefer them to be, then it might be time to ask your local cosmetic dentist what they can do for you. An in-chair or take-home whitening treatment may be all it takes to turn heads. Otherwise, you can fill gaps with dental implants. Improve your job prospects as quickly as letting your dentist design your new smile.

Web Design

Web Design: Early Web Browsers And Changes

In order for us to appreciate the state of the Internet today, it is important to have a solid understanding of where web browsers and websites originally came from. For web designers and digital marketing agencies, understanding the history of web pages, and the evolution they have undergone, we can begin to comprehend the drastic changes that were necessary before we could enjoy the internet for what it is today.

The Browser Wars

During what is commonly referred to as the “Browser Wars” early on, Microsoft and Netscape duked it out to see which would rise as the prevailing browser. For a long time the victor appeared to be Netscape. However, when Internet Explorer 4 was introduces, popular opinion quickly shifted. As this browser essentially became a regular feature of Windows computers, it inherited all the more authority among the landscape of browsers. Also, because Windows computers were widely sought out at the time, naturally users were more exposed to Internet Explorer, than its competition.

Garden Design

Rose Garden Design

You gave your partner a dozen roses last year. Think big this year and present her with her very own garden of roses! How about a dozen rose bushes? There is nothing like the fragrance and look of a beautiful rose. By planting rose bushes their fragrance and beauty can be enjoyed every day.

If you want a bit of sophistication and perhaps a touch of romance, plant some roses in your garden. While red roses carry a romantic air about them, there are some other glorious colours available.

The Rose Garden Look

Professional landscape designers in Sydney, Space Landscape Designs think that roses add an aesthetic visual to your garden. Fitting the roses into your garden landscape is a way to add that missing element.

When designing your rose garden, it’s simply a matter of deciding on where you want them and the look you want to achieve. Some rose plants require special care, so be aware of incorporating the right irrigation systems to ensure correct watering and care for them.

The Simplicity of a Rose garden

Renovation News advise that roses are one of the easiest plants to take care of, but you still need a landscaping maintenance plan to protect your investment. All plants are susceptible to disease and roses are no different. Your garden maintenance means inspecting the soil quality at times, and ensuring your rose plants are healthy. Roses need trimming as well to get rid of unnecessary growth.

Somebody once wrote that a single rose can be my garden. But you can have a whole rose garden of your own.

Web Design

Web Design and How it Helps Your Business Succeed

The digital age has seen all businesses move their marketing strategies to the online realm in order to garner the most success. Every business needs to have a good online presence if they want to keep a competitive edge in this day and age. Having a good online presence relies on several things being taken into consideration but the most important aspect of it all is the website of your business. Having a basic website is not good enough to count as a strong online presence, your company’s website needs to have good web design in order to be helpful for the success of your business.

Importance of Good Web Design

There are several key elements which contribute to making a good online presence. The web design for your company’s own website makes up a crucial aspect of it all.

If you are wondering exactly how important it is to have a good web design, you should know that the web design can either make or break the success of your online business. The website of a business is the first impression which the customers have of the business. It takes just a few seconds for a visitor to your website make a decision about whether or not they want to engage with your business. Here’s a look at how a good web design can benefit your business.

Garden Design

Delightful Garden Design Features That are Easy to Install

Even the most ordinary garden can be easily jazzed up by using some kind of garden feature to enhance it. If you are on a budget, don’t worry because they don’t all require a landscaping specialist or a builder to install them. Many are simple weekend DIY projects that anyone can attempt successfully with a little preparation.

  • The garden arch – an old fashioned favourite that will remind you of country cottages and never fails to add charm wherever it is placed. Most arches seem to be used over a gate, but don’t be limited by that. Your arch can go over a pathway, at the back door, or even become a feature in the middle of the garden with a bird bath under it. Choose a solid one, not the el-cheapo that will rust out or rot in a few years. Grow your favourite climber over it – roses are popular – but make sure you choose one that won’t grow out of control or be too heavy for the arch. An arch can be a simple metal structure or you could have a larger, wider timber one that is strong enough for a grape vine or another heavy climber.
Interior Design

5 Tips For Successful Interior Design

Whether you are choosing the interior design your entire home or just one or two rooms, there are several ways you can make the whole process, and most importantly the final result, successful. Here they are for you in no particular order.

#1 Think Comfort Before Looks

Renovation Network tell us that one of the biggest mistakes people make is they fall in love with a style or look of an item such as a chair. They then buy it, and when it arrives realise it is not fit for purpose because it is too uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time. Always ensure that when you are selecting chairs, sofas, stools and beds, you remember that their purpose is to be used, and to be comfortable.

#2 Don’t Rush It

There are countless interior design projects that have fallen by the wayside because the person ran out of money before they could complete it. The main reason for this is that they rushed out and bought everything at once, including the more expensive and luxurious items. Be patient by purchasing the items which are essential first, and then as your budget allows, buy the luxuries one by one.

Web Design

Web Design For Beginners

Web design has never been the easiest career path to embark on for those who are interested. However, that does not mean it cannot be done. Through hard work and diligence, as well as perhaps an ideal mentorship (online or in person), becoming a web designer is achievable. Beginning in 2014, the projected web designer career growth was estimated to be 24%.

In 2017, this statistic has certainly proved to be true, and the field is still steadily growing. In terms of getting on the path to becoming a web designer, most people have no idea where to begin. This is completely fine! It is normal to feel overwhelmed in the beginning. However, by taking it one step at a time, you will soon be looking back on these days as though you had nothing to be afraid of.

Web Design

Does Animation and Multimedia Serve a Purpose in Web Design?

In days gone by, SEO experts use to warn against using animation such as flash, simply because Google crawlers couldn’t read the flash files and thus couldn’t read your website. So rankings on flash based websites suffered severely.

While there is something to say for a simplistic website or a flat-designed website, there is also something to say about highly animated and multimedia-filled websites. After talking to a client, if they want all of the bells and whistles, you have to provide. Use your skills to create sound files and animations, add video footage, and place pictures to enhance any website. Make sure you are judicious about what you choose to do and always be aware of who you can include in these forms of multimedia.

Web Design

New, Exciting Ways to Use Fonts

If you are looking for ways to expand your web design skills or portfolio, there are a few different things that you can do. The most accessible option that you have is something that every person with a computer has access to: fonts. With 3D printing and technological advancements, the amount of things that we can create with fonts has multiplied innumerably.

What can you do with fonts? The possibilities are endless and you can make some truly fantastic art. These are only the basics: you can build from here and create something that is uniquely your own.

City Skylines
Word clouds are pretty old school by now, even those that have been transformed into shapes. However, using font to highlight the city where you live, your company works, or where you want to be is a fantastic way to build up a client base.

Commercial Design

Commercial Building Design Options

Many commercial applications can be found for limestone blocks. These strong and durable blocks can be used for stairways, walls and paths outside a commercial or public building, enhancing the area so that customers are drawn to it. Stone cladding can also be used for the walls of such buildings, making them both beautiful and functional. A stone wall is not likely to wear out or crumble away, even in bad weather.

While weathering does occur with rock, it is most likely to be in the fine details, such as if a name was carved into the rock, or at the very corners of the building the edges may wear from sharp/ to rounded over many years.

Construction Ventures Guide advise that many commercial or public buildings are large structures, making them perfectly suitable for an internal feature wall of limestone. This can really improve the looks of the place and become a feature that people go to see, as well as to do whatever it is the building is for.  Libraries, art galleries, museums and many other public buildings are ideal for the installation of a limestone feature wall.

Many such buildings can be made almost completely with stone. Outside, stone can be used as a footpath, driveway, staircase and for walls dividing areas or going up each side of the staircase. It can be used for retaining walls for terracing and garden walls in the landscaping, enhancing the look of the garden or grounds of the building.

Web Design

Flat Design: A Crash Course

For the last decade or so, internet business consultants have accelerated by showing off their designers skills and doing things that have been totally unique and somewhat crazy. We’ve shown off our animation skills, our flash capabilities, and our abilities to think outside of the box. Everything we did was somewhat artificial and cartoony instead of natural and realistic.

That’s all changed.

The trend now is something more classic and simplistic. While there are still flourishes of web design elements and creativity, flat design has become what most companies ask for from designers.

What exactly is flat design?
A digital agency will tell you that flat design is a more minimalist approach that focuses on the user experience. There are many clean lines and crisp edges to these designs, with bright colors and a lot of open space.

Interior Design

What’s in Your Bathroom?

The trend today is for superyachts to have everything possible for the guests’ enjoyment including pools, a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped gym, beautiful glass shower screens and even a sauna. This is often found on yachts designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, who is known for innovative and creative design in the world of luxury yachts. However, up-market homes are a bit like luxury yachts and you can easily install a sauna in your own home.

It can be part of a bathroom if there is enough room, or it can be separate. You can even have a room built in the garden especially for a sauna. However, don’t forget to look into council regulations because a building in the garden may need council approval. Adding a sauna to your home will not because it is part of the home; not separate.

So what are the benefits of a sauna? First, let’s be sure we are on the same page.  Some saunas have dry heat while others have moist heat. Dry heat saunas can sometimes be both if there is provision to splash water over the heater. Naturally enough, it has to be a special type of heater so you don’t get electrocuted.

Generally speaking, a moist heat sauna is made from tiles, while a dry heat sauna is made from timber. The room for the sauna can be of any size you like, depending on how many people will be using it at one time. It should contain bench seating for the people who use it to sit or lie on. The benches should be covered with a towel for hygienic reasons, but it will also make the bench a bit more comfortable.

Web Design

The Latest In Web Design Trends

Like most technological fields, web design is changing rapidly. Whether you are an enthusiast, you own a website, or you are a web designer yourself, it can be extremely useful to remain up-to-date on the latest web design trends. Seeing as yesterday’s trends become obsolete quickly, you want to make sure that you are right alongside the pack, if not ahead of the curve.

While mobile responsive trends are the top of everyone’s must-have lists, other trends are also becoming  fashionable and are being resurrected along the way. Staying on top of this, can easily result in added traffic, so it is important to take the time to absorb what is trending.

Animated GIF’s

Currently, one noticeable trend among fashionable websites is GIF’s. These are Videos that are smoothly looped over and over again. They have become especially popular on blogs and message boards alike. Adding a few to your own website would certainly be a trendy decision. Also, since most web pages are overly static, this is an easy way to spice up your site and give an appearance of action. Doing so, gives your visitors the impression that your website is the place to be, and it will certainly hold their attention.

House Design

Swimming Pool Design

If you have a family, you may have had pool builders install a swimming pool so they can have fun swimming at home, without any need for a trip to the beach or a public pool. However, rather than just having a pool suitable to the children’s energetic lifestyle – jumping in and out all the time – make sure you add some accessories to make it a great place to relax.

pool accessories

After all, you will be spending time there, overseeing the children, so it’s important to be comfortable. You don’t always want to sit on the edge of the pool, or even get in and swim. So here are some tips on designing your own custom pool and make your area the best place ever, not just for the kids, but for parents as well.

House Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design

If you are one of those people who consider the terms modern and contemporary to be interchangeable you might get into difficulties when it comes to kitchen design according to the kitchen professionals.  While many kitchens have elements of the two merging happily, contemporary kitchens can easily be identified by certain specific elements.

According to, to confuse you even further, a contemporary kitchen is more modern than a ‘modern’ kitchen because it incorporates all the latest trends. Here is a list of elements you can expect to find in a contemporary kitchen.

  1. A mix of different textures, colours and shapes all blended in together. For instance, you might see turquoise countertops and splashback with warm, wood grain floor and cupboards.
  2. A splashback that is quite different from the surrounding walls in colour and texture.